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LTE records is an independent record label run by, and for, PUNK ROCKERS.  We book shows, help promote bands, and provide a place for ALL bands to submit their shows.

April 3rd '06 - California Redemption ART CONTEST

Hey hey people. California Redemption is working on a 7" record that they will be releasing this summer and they need your help! They are looking for artists to send in art that they think would work for California Redemption. If your art gets chosen, they'll give a whole bunch of shit...and your name will be on the record. As of now, they'll be pressing at least 1000, and who knows how many more in the future. Tell your friends, and have fun.


February 11th '06 - California Redemption and Start The Panic SPLIT!

Hey everyone.  We are releasing California Redemption and Start The Panic's upcoming SPLIT CD!  The CD's should get here any day, so pre-order a copy as soon as possible from our recently updated web-store!  As always, we advise you to go to the shows, see the bands live, and buy their stuff!  We'll keep you updated on the CD release shows, and there should be some MP3's up any minute now so keep your eyes and ears open.

November 12th '05 -Charged CD Release Show, and Band Page update.

Last night Charged released their first full length release entitled "endurance", and the show was insane.  The kids in the SCV went nuts for Charged, and we couldn't have been prouder.  California Redemption played it as well, along with Held Hostage, Johnny Cage, Catch Your Breath, and Better Off Dead.  All the bands ripped, and keep your eyes open for more great stuff to come out of Santa Clarita.

The Bands section of our site will soon be up with links to the bands we release, and bands we're associated with.  Be sure to check back, 'cuz we'll be updating it regularly.

October 23rd '05 -New Compilation CD's, and Ill Repute update!

We are in the process of putting together a Compilation CD or 2.  These comps will feature all your favorite punk and hardcore bands.  If you are in a band or run a label, or you want to tell a band/label about this, CLICK HERE!

Now, about the ILL REPUTE CD...we basically have the ILL REPUTE CD distributed by everyone.  So, if you don't see it in your local store, go bug the people in charge until they stock the CD.  Like always though, you can still order the CD through our store, or Interpunk.

September 23rd '05 - CHEAP MERCH! and Myspace!

We added a web-store type of deal that is kind of like the Ill Repute SALE we were having.  It has our CD's for sale on there and it also has some California Redemption T-Shirts.  These should be the best prices on the internet for this stuff...and SHIPPING IS INCLUDED!  CHECK IT OUT!

Also, we made a profile on all you Myspacers better add us!

August 8th '05 - New Website, and...ILL REPUTE - LIVE! 

There's a new toolbar up there...and not much else...yet.  Keep on the lookout!  

The live ILL REPUTE album is finally out, and you can get a hold of it by clicking HERE!  Everyone who has heard this CD has nothing but good things to say about check it out.  You wont be disappointed.